10 Stylish Short Wavy Bob Haircuts to Try in 2024

05/26/2024 by Sophia Marie

The wavy bob is a versatile haircut for women, falling between chin and shoulder length, often styled with waves to add texture and movement. With the rise of effortlessly chic looks, this hairstyle has become a favorite among those seeking simplicity and style.

Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and Alexa Chung have embraced this trend, transitioning from long to short hair and showcasing how wavy bobs can be versatile and appealing. Their transformations highlight how anyone can rock short wavy bobs, offering a route to achieving the coveted thick wavy hair.

#1 Blonde Barbie Wavy Bob Hairstyle

This Barbie-inspired hairstyle blends playfulness with elegance, offering a timeless look with its blonde bob waves. The waves add a gentle touch, infusing the style with movement and versatility.

This hairstyle exudes a youthful charm reminiscent of the iconic blonde doll from childhood memories. The blonde hue brightens the face, instilling a sense of confidence that rejuvenates the overall appearance without accentuating age-related concerns.

Despite its playful waves, this bob remains sophisticated and refined. The soft curls lend a relaxed yet polished vibe suitable for any occasion.

#2 Brown Bob with Short Curly Waves

A versatile brown wavy bob can be softly curled around the face to enhance volume and beauty effortlessly. This hairstyle offers flexibility and natural allure when worn.

Achieving this look involves creating subtle curls using either a spiral wand or curling iron. These curls emphasize the wavy texture of the bob, adding dimension and fluidity. Moreover, they frame the face and accentuate features, ensuring a flattering and feminine appearance at all times.

#3 Short and Textured Wavy Hair with Highlights

A short, tousled wavy hairstyle with highlights adds volume and texture, creating a beachy, carefree vibe ideal for short hair enthusiasts.

The manageable length makes for easy maintenance and styling, while the tousled waves infuse a playful and relaxed atmosphere. Enhance the texture with texturizing products or use a curling wand to achieve loose curls.

Highlights further enrich the depth and texture of your hair, imparting a sun-kissed appearance as if basking under beach rays all day. Strategically placed highlights can also accentuate waves, lending them fullness and enhancing the overall look.

#4 Balayage Bob with a Side Part for Oval Face Shapes

For oval faces, a side-parted balayage bob is an excellent choice due to its seamless color transition and textured body. This style features blended colors achieved through the balayage technique, providing a gradual shift from darker to lighter shades.

The balayage highlights add depth and dimension to the hair, enhancing its overall appearance. With its natural-looking fade, this style complements the symmetry and balance inherent in oval face shapes, creating a harmonious and flattering effect.

#5 Curls and Waves

Razor cuts offer a trendy approach to embracing your curls or waves effortlessly, allowing you to celebrate your hair’s natural texture with ease. This technique involves gently softening the edges of a cut using a razor, resulting in hair ends with a subtly feathered appearance, achieving a lived-in effect that exudes chic modernity.

Especially effective for those with curly or wavy hair, the razor cut enhances the natural texture by reducing weight and bulk from the ends. This method encourages curls and waves to spring forth, creating a more defined and voluminous look that’s both distinct and stylish.

#6 Shaggy Bob with Razor-Cut Layers in a Golden Blonde Shade

For those leading a wash-and-go lifestyle, consider opting for a golden blonde razor-cut shaggy bob. This haircut results in softer, wispy ends achieved through razor cutting, giving it a lived-in style that effortlessly exudes fashionability. Particularly beneficial for those with thin hair, the razored ends add volume and texture, creating a fuller and more vibrant appearance.

The golden blonde hue infuses warmth and vibrancy into your hair, enhancing your overall look with a sun-kissed glow that complements various skin tones.

Ideal for individuals seeking an easy-going hairstyle, this razor-cut shaggy bob requires minimal maintenance. Its simplicity in styling and low-maintenance nature make it perfect for busy individuals who desire a fuss-free look.

#7 Adorable Dark Brunette Bob with Waves

Elevate your look with this charming dark brunette bob adorned with waves. This hairstyle exudes a timeless elegance and sophistication, perfect for any occasion. The rich brunette hue adds depth and dimension to your locks, while the waves provide texture and movement, enhancing the overall allure of the style.

Ideal for those seeking a chic yet effortless look, this cute bob with waves offers versatility and easy maintenance. Whether you’re heading to the office or a night out with friends, this hairstyle will complement your style and personality with its understated charm and undeniable beauty.

#8 Wavy Bob Reaching Chin Length

For individuals with fine hair, a blunt chin-length bob haircut offers a fantastic way to add movement and texture. The incorporation of messy waves adds volume and dimension to this hairstyle, creating a fuller and more dynamic look.

This versatile length complements various face shapes and hair textures, making it a popular choice among those in search of a sleek yet contemporary hairstyle. Its polished appearance can easily transition into a myriad of styles, ensuring versatility for any occasion.

The addition of messy waves to the bob enhances its appeal, resulting in a more dynamic and voluminous effect. These waves introduce texture and movement to the hair, providing the illusion of increased volume, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with finer hair lacking natural fullness.

#9 Chestnut Loose Waves

To enhance the face-framing allure, consider incorporating bangs into a blunt short bob haircut with wavy locks, adding a touch of coolness and trendiness. This unique hairstyle seamlessly blends the sleekness of a blunt cut with the natural texture of wavy hair, resulting in a chic and modern look.

The sharp, clean lines of the blunt bob cut make a bold and confident statement, particularly when styled on wavy hair, infusing the overall appearance with a fierce edge.

Additionally, the inclusion of bangs elevates sophistication and style, beautifully framing the face and accentuating features while adding a touch of flair to the entire look. Bangs offer versatility, ranging from straight and blunt to soft wisps, allowing for customization based on personal preferences and face shapes with ease.

#10 Short Bob with Waves and Blonde Highlighs

To give medium or fine hair texture and dimension while creating the illusion of a narrower facial shape, consider opting for wavy short bobs with blonde highlights and curtain bangs.

Blonde highlights brighten the hair’s color, drawing attention to specific areas and contributing to a balanced and attractive overall appearance.

Additionally, curtain bangs parted at the center delicately frame each side of the face, helping to create the impression of a narrower face. This softens facial angles and directs focus to the eyes, resulting in a stretched-out and slimmer appearance.

When combined with a wavy bob, these elements work together to enhance the hair’s texture and volume. Waves add movement and body to fine to medium strands, providing a fuller look.

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