The 12 Hairstyles for Long Faces That Look Great

05/30/2024 by Sophia Marie

For individuals with long faces, choosing a flattering haircut or hairstyle is key to achieving balanced proportions. Long faces tend to appear elongated and often have less prominent cheekbones. The goal is to create the illusion of a more oval face shape, which can be achieved by adding bangs or styles that reduce the face’s apparent length.

Different hairstyles can be tailored to an individual’s unique features, such as using bangs or facial framing to minimize the appearance of a larger forehead. I’ve selected pictures of women who have opted for haircuts and hairstyles that complement long face shapes while maintaining a sense of style and balance.

#1: Delicate Tapered Fringe

This style is ideal for longer faces, as it adds volume to create width using a delicate, tapered fringe for thin, light hair. To achieve the tapered effect, gather the top section of your hair, then apply hairspray to hold it in place.

#2: Rich Cocoa Side-Swept Bangs

Break up the lines of your profile with rich cocoa side-swept bangs that flow along the length of your hair. Keep them large and soft, ensuring they frame your face at the ends to create a softer, more rounded appearance.

#3: Stylish Medium Shag

The stylish medium shag hairstyle is perfect for oblong faces, offering an effortless look that’s easy to maintain with regular bang trims. For daily styling, I recommend using Davines Texturizing Dust and Dry Texturizing Spray to add texture and achieve a casual, lived-in appearance.

#4: Voluminous Shoulder-Length Curls

Style thick curls into shoulder-length looks for long faces to add extra weight and width. Direct the waves in one direction to create volume, while keeping longer layers at the ends for a balanced appearance.

#5: Long Shag with Short Feathered Fringe

Opting for a short, feathered fringe complements the long shaggy hairstyle, ideal for women seeking balanced looks to boost their self-esteem.

#6: Stylish Layered Hairstyle with Textured Bangs

Embrace a chic look with a stylish layered hairstyle featuring textured bangs. This versatile choice adds depth and dimension to your locks while the textured bangs frame your face, offering a contemporary edge to your overall style.

#7: Classic Italian Bob with Flowing Long Bangs

Experience timeless elegance with the classic Italian bob featuring flowing long bangs. This iconic hairstyle exudes sophistication and versatility, complementing various face shapes and personal styles. The flowing long bangs add a touch of softness and femininity, framing the face beautifully while maintaining an air of effortless chicness.

#8: Cascading Curled Tresses

Cascading curly tresses are ideal for women with longer face shapes, offering a feminine touch. Achieve a polished appearance by lightly applying hairspray before curling the ends away from your face.

#9: Retro Bardot-Inspired Shag Hairstyle

Embrace a touch of vintage glamour with the retro Bardot-inspired shag hairstyle. This iconic look draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of Brigitte Bardot, featuring textured layers that frame the face and add movement. With its effortless yet chic vibe, this hairstyle exudes retro charm while remaining stylishly modern.

#10: Blonde Medium-Length Hair with Feathered Shag

Elevate your style with blonde medium-length hair featuring a feathered shag. This versatile hairstyle combines the sophistication of medium-length hair with the texture and movement of feathered layers, creating a chic and dynamic look. Perfect for those seeking a balance between effortless elegance and trendy flair, the feathered shag adds volume and dimension to blonde locks, while maintaining a playful and youthful vibe.

#11: Lush Mid-Length Hair

People with both thick and thin hair can embrace the voluminous bounce of mid-length hairstyles. When visiting the salon, inquire about the best home styling products to maintain this trendy look.

#12: Sweeping Bangs with Balayage Highlights

Opt for a balayage with a sweeping bang to achieve a traditional yet fashionable look. Alternatively, consider adding an off-side bang or short face-framing layers to add movement to your hair.

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