20 Shattered Bob Hairstyle Ideas to Try in 2024

06/03/2024 by Sophia Marie

The shattered bob haircut is making waves in 2024 as a bold, edgy, and confidence-boosting hairstyle. Renowned stylist Alyssa Kooc highlights the versatility and appeal of this trend, making it a must-try for anyone looking to refresh their look. Here are 20 stunning shattered bob hairstyle ideas to inspire your next salon visit.

#1: Shattered Wavy Bob with French Bangs

A wavy bob with French bangs offers a chic, playful look, ideal for medium to fine hair. The soft, textured bangs blend seamlessly into wavy layers, adding movement and depth without bulk. This versatile style suits any occasion, from casual outings to formal events.

#2: Textured Bob Cut with Tousled Style

Achieve an effortlessly cool look with a textured, tousled bob. This modern, messy style is easy to maintain, offering a polished yet relaxed appearance. Simply tousle with your fingers or use a light styling product for added texture and volume.

#3: Short Blonde Waves with Deep Side Part

A deep side part adds volume to short, wavy blonde hair, creating a dynamic, fuller look. Use a dry texture spray for extra hold and definition, ensuring your waves stay chic and voluminous throughout the day.

#4: Short Layers and Beach Waves

Enhance your natural wavy hair with a layered bob for a relaxed, beachy vibe. Razor-cut layers add movement and keep the style lightweight, making the waves more pronounced and lively.

#5: Shoulder-Length Shattered Bob with Curtain Fringe

Finer hair appears thicker with a blunt perimeter combined with mid-layer texture slicing. This technique adds volume and depth, giving the illusion of fuller hair while maintaining a light, airy feel.

#6: Neck-Grazing Soft Tousled Bob with Face Frame

Complement a round face with a longer shattered bob featuring lighter face-framing layers. Texturized ends provide softness and fullness, creating a gentle, flattering look for medium-thick hair.

#7: Voluminous Side-Swept Textured Short Hair

A voluminous, side-swept, textured short bob is perfect for various face shapes. This shattered bob removes weight and adds lift, giving your hair a fresh, dynamic look.

#8: Layered Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

A layered wavy bob with side-swept bangs adds complexity to natural curls. This style suits long, round, square, or pear-shaped faces, enhancing natural texture while providing a chic, polished finish.

#9: Chin-Length Bob with Tousled Waves

Achieve an undone texture with a razor-cut chin-length bob. Use a natural texture spray for volume and soft, touchable curls, perfect for a modern, carefree look.

#10: Shattered Long Bob with Middle Part

A shaggy long bob highlights medium-fine textures. Textured ends create movement and a pieced-out shape, giving your hair a trendy, effortless appeal.

#11: Shattered Wavy Bronde Bob

This shattered texture bob is ideal for thin but dense hair, maintaining a full shape. A sunlit bronde shade adds depth, making this shoulder-length style both chic and vibrant.

#12: Low-Maintenance Brunette Short Bob

A low-maintenance brunette short bob works well for all hair types. Soft edges and a blurred outline allow for natural waves or straightening, offering versatility and ease of styling.

#13: A-Line Blonde Wavy Bob

Layered and textured, the A-line blonde wavy bob adds fullness and thickness. Textured shears create a softer look, while texture razors achieve a sliced, piecey finish.

#14: Shattered Short Bob for Thin Hair

Make limp locks appear thicker with a short shattered bob. Point-cutting techniques and slicking methods ensure the ends look full and voluminous.

#15: Lived-In Bob with Shattered Ends

A soft, choppy bob with shattered ends provides an effortless, relaxed look. This style balances fine hair textures, making it perfect for those who prefer low-maintenance hairstyles.

#16: Choppy Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

A slightly disheveled choppy bob is complemented by face-framing highlights. Texturing methods reduce weight and create unique, piecey cuts, adding a punk-inspired edge to dark brown hair.

#17: Shattered Layers on Classic Bob

Modernize a classic bob with shattered layers. Use a combination of razor and scissors to enhance soft movement and natural curls, creating a stylish, updated look.

#18: Short Messy Angled Bob

For a bold change, try a short, messy angled bob. Loose waves and beachy hairspray add texture, giving this haircut a rough, edgy appeal.

#19: Dimensional Brown Bob with Jagged Ends

A dimensional brown bob with jagged ends offers a chic, textured style. Razor cuts create textured ends, while layering with texture shears adds depth and interest.

#20: Layered Short Hair with Curtain Bangs

A raw-edged, textured bob gets a boost from face-framing curtain bangs. Ideal for round faces, this style features a center part and elongated appearance, enhancing your overall look.


Embrace the shattered bob trend in 2024 with these 20 stunning hairstyle ideas. Whether you prefer a subtle change or a dramatic makeover, there’s a shattered bob style perfect for you.

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