22 Shaggy Pixie Bob Hairstyles to Try This Year

06/09/2024 by Sophia Marie

Are you looking to refresh your look with a trendy and low-maintenance hairstyle? The shaggy pixie bob might just be the perfect choice for you. This stylish cut blends the playful edginess of a pixie with the versatility of a bob, offering a chic and modern take on short hair. Here are 22 shaggy pixie bob hairstyles you should consider trying this year.

#1: Classic Shaggy Pixie Bob

A classic shaggy pixie bob features choppy layers and a slightly longer length, giving you a tousled and effortlessly chic look. Perfect for any occasion, this style works well with all hair textures.

#2: Textured Pixie Bob

Add some dimension to your shaggy pixie bob with textured layers. This style adds volume and movement, making your hair look fuller and more dynamic.

#3: Curly Shaggy Pixie Bob

Curly hair adds a fun twist to the pixie bob. Embrace your natural curls with a shaggy cut that enhances their bounce and volume. This look is both playful and sophisticated.

#4: Asymmetrical Shaggy Pixie Bob

For a bold and edgy appearance, try an asymmetrical shaggy pixie bob. This style features uneven lengths, creating a striking and modern silhouette.

#5: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Bangs

Bangs can add a touch of softness to your shaggy pixie bob. Whether you opt for blunt, wispy, or side-swept bangs, this addition can frame your face beautifully.

#6: Layered Shaggy Pixie Bob

Layers are essential for a shaggy pixie bob. They add texture and movement, giving your hair a lively and voluminous look. This style is perfect for those who want a bit more depth in their haircut.

#7: Pixie Bob with Undercut

An undercut adds an edgy vibe to your shaggy pixie bob. Shaving the sides or back of your head creates a striking contrast with the longer, shaggy top layers.

#8: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Highlights

Add some color to your shaggy pixie bob with highlights. Whether you choose subtle balayage or bold streaks, highlights can enhance the texture and depth of your cut.

#9: Messy Shaggy Pixie Bob

Embrace the messy look with a shaggy pixie bob that’s intentionally disheveled. This carefree style is easy to maintain and perfect for those who love a relaxed, boho vibe.

#10: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Side Part

A side part can change the entire look of your shaggy pixie bob. It adds volume on one side and creates a stylish, asymmetrical effect.

#11: Choppy Shaggy Pixie Bob

Choppy layers add a playful touch to your pixie bob. This style is perfect for adding some edge to your look while keeping it trendy and fresh.

#12: Shaggy Pixie Bob for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, a shaggy pixie bob can add much-needed volume and texture. Opt for lots of layers to create the illusion of thicker hair.

#13: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Soft Waves

Add some soft waves to your shaggy pixie bob for a romantic and feminine touch. This style is perfect for both casual outings and special occasions.

#14: Blunt Shaggy Pixie Bob

For a modern twist, try a blunt shaggy pixie bob. The straight edges contrast with the shaggy layers, creating a unique and fashionable look.

#15: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Colorful Tips

Add a pop of color to your shaggy pixie bob by dyeing the tips. This playful addition can express your personality and add some fun to your hairstyle.

#16: Voluminous Shaggy Pixie Bob

Volume is key for a standout shaggy pixie bob. Use styling products to add lift and body to your hair, creating a bold and dramatic look.

#17: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Long Front Pieces

For a more versatile style, keep the front pieces of your shaggy pixie bob longer. This allows for more styling options, from tucking behind your ears to sweeping them to the side.

#18: Shaggy Pixie Bob with a Fringe

A fringe can add a youthful and playful element to your shaggy pixie bob. Opt for a choppy or wispy fringe to complement the shaggy layers.

#19: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Natural Texture

Embrace your natural hair texture with a shaggy pixie bob. This low-maintenance style enhances your hair’s natural volume and movement.

#20: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Sleek Finish

For a more polished look, try a sleek shaggy pixie bob. Use a flat iron to straighten the layers and achieve a smooth, sophisticated finish.

#21: Shaggy Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Thick hair can benefit from the shaggy pixie bob style, as the layers reduce bulk and add structure. This cut makes thick hair more manageable and stylish.

#22: Shaggy Pixie Bob with Retro Vibes

Channel the retro vibes with a shaggy pixie bob inspired by the ’70s. Think soft, feathered layers and a carefree, vintage aesthetic.


The shaggy pixie bob is a versatile and stylish haircut that suits a variety of hair textures and personal styles. Whether you’re looking for a bold new look or a subtle refresh, there’s a shaggy pixie bob hairstyle for you. Try one of these 22 styles this year and enjoy the chic, effortless charm of this trendy haircut.

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